How Two Middle Income Taxpayers Create Lump Sum Retirement Checks

Suitable for Middle-Income Tax Payers

A retired tax professional shares how she previously helped tax clients create a lump-sum retirement within 2 to 5 years. An easy, doable, pattern of success, popular among many real estate investors. Low down to no-down investment options depending on how you structure your project. One client made a profit of $350,000 and stopped. The other client is building up his retirement income during his retirement. He’s well over a million in assets. The art of taking a small lump-sum check and turning it into a much larger retirement account is explained in detail.

With the tax client’s permission, C Ingram, an RTRP with the IRS for 18 years explains how two different tax clients used unique real estate investments to turn a small amount of income into more income for the purpose of retirement. Really easy simple techniques with added instructions on how to sell and profit from their investment when everyone else is waiting for offers.

Ingram has encouraged tax clients to “become the bank” to finance their retirement. She explains how “monthly payments” is the way you want to go, and how and why his factor increases the likely hood of investment success and lower taxes.

Easy to understand, doable, step by step actions her clients took and tax loopholes she used to lower her tax client’s tax liability. A must read for retirees concerned.about outliving their retirement income. The Table of Content reads as follows:

Chapter 1 Retirement Mindset

Chapter 2 Lump-Sum Retirement Check

Chapter 3 How to Find Your Investments

Chapter 4 The Second Tax Client

Chapter 5. Becoming the Bank

Chapter 6 Avoiding Capital Gains Taxes

Chapter 7 Information Videos