Retire in Central and South America on a $800 Monthly Budget

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Regardless of whee you retire, one thing is for sure.  There will be moments when you will miss your home country.  How often this moment occurs is in direct proportions to how well you plan and research your retirement destination. 


Retire Belize-San_Pedro_Beach
San Pedro Beach, Belize


What type of climate do you like?  Which environment makes you happy, the sea, mountains, jungle, city or small town?  What about entertainment?  Do you enjoy being alone?  Do you need a sports bar or two?  What about the gulf course and shopping?  Do you need lost of restaurant choices?

Knowing yourself will go a long way to ensuring that your retirement is happy. 


If your retirement offshore is due to finances, no problem, you’ll have plenty of company.  In fact when your move to far away places is mostly due to your retirement income, we tend to be happier then those who have the finances to make a choice.  We understand what the end game is, and we make the best of our new home.




The expats report great tax havens and excellent weather with low cost of living option in Central America and South America.  We have provided some a few excellent and reliable resources as well as a few Facebook Groups, which can help you get to know a destination.


One factor you should ALWAYS remember is, no matter what the high-price websites tell you, there are ALWAYS safe, acceptable and cheaper living quarter available when you respond to a “For Rent”  sign.  This is the best way to find long-term accommodations. Thus, you may want to



Therefore, check out Airbnb (Here’s a $20 Travel Credit)  and rent an entire house for a month.   OR  Stay in a hotel for two-weeks.  We can almost guarantee you can find suitable, safe and lower priced rentals once you’re actually in the city or town where you want to retire.


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Social Media Hookups

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