Seaside Coastal Living in Mexico Under $1200 a Month Budget

Mexico isn’t as cheap as it use to be.  Yet you can still do seaside coastal living for $1000 a month (one-person)  $1200 is much easier and $1500 is excellent. Of course these estimates increase for couples.  Mexico is home to millions of American expats spread out around the country.  The most popular expat communities are generally located in

Best Mexico Interior Cities to Retire

San Miguel del Akkebde
Image taken in Mismaloya/BocaBeach Towns

Best Beach Towns to Retire in Mexico

Playas de Rosarito
Puerto Vallarta
Los Cabos


Best Border Cities to Retire in Mexico



The smaller fishing villages is where you can find great rental prices.  Hot water may not always be available, but when it’s warm outside, who needs hot water?  Affordably priced apartments are usually labeled rustic or Mexican style.  Small Mexican towns within 10 to 15 miles from major tourist resort areas, appear to be safe and have the lowest rents.  Most apartments, condos, and apartments have iron gate security regardless of the income level of the neighborhood.  All areas around the Banderas Bay have been deemed safe.  This is the Puerto Vallarta area, where many different communities of expat from all over the world live..


In Mexico, if illness visits you, you probably won’t die if you have $500 to $1000 in a self-funded health insurance acco8unt.  However, if you have major illness and no insurance, you could bite the dirt unless you can last through a flight back to the States.   This is a reality which very few people talk about.  If you opt for full-time residency within Mexico, your health insurance is included.  Of course they make sure you have enough money to support yourself before they grant you full-residency status.


Most expats leave every six months and return and/or visit other countries.   Having to leave every six months is an excuse to travel.  If you stay over the six months, you are considered an illegal immigrant without legal papers.  .Potential expats can check out Puerto Vallarta Day Trips dot info.  This is one of our sites and provides videos and images for affordable day trips.  You’ll see why the Puerto Vallarta area is so popular.  You’ll also get an inside look at the lifestyle in Mexico.
Boca de Tatmatlan miles outside of Puerto Vallarta – Water-Taxi to Yalapa – The fishing village with no cars

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